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Are you transferring your child off to school? Here’s where your home insurance company in Arbor Forest can help. Home insurance brokerage firm covers all your personal belongings and the arrangement of your home. What happens, though, when you remove your possessions from your home? Is your insurance plan still covering them? Parents of recent high school graduates may have a lot of concerns when they plan to attend college. A child’s possessions are usually covered by standard home insurance plans when living on a college campus. Make sure to read the insurance blog for a better insight. 

When Does Home Insurance Company Cover Student Accommodations?

Suppose a student is under the age of 26, is enrolled full-time in college, and lives on-campus or university-approved housing. In that case, their belongings may be covered by their parent’s homeowner’s insurance policy. Many insurers would not ask the policyholder to list these accommodations until offering contents and responsibility protections since they are called temporary housing units. As a result, contact the insurance broker company  to get the latest insurance quotes based on your requirements. They will answer all of your queries and eliminate any doubts you may have. Also, you might be interested in reading our blog on average cost of directors and officers insurance.


When doesn’t The Insurance Company cover student Accommodations?

If a student lives in off-campus accommodation, such as an off-campus condo, their homeowner’s insurance policies will not protect them. It’s always important to remember that even though a university recognizes a union or youth group, the house can also be considered off-campus territory. 

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personal liability insurance for police officers cost

Advice on How to Keep Your Belongings Safe at school. 

Law enforcement liability insurance provides coverage for bodily injury, personal injury or property damage caused by a wrongful act committed by or on behalf of a public entity while conducting law enforcement activities or operations as stated by travelers.

For many new college students, moving away from home is a significant step. Your child may feel more exposed, particularly once he has become accustomed to sharing restrooms, dining halls, and sleeping quarters with strangers. First-year College students should keep the following advice in mind whether they live on or off-campus: 

  • Develop a video and a list of all the things you wear to school. 
  • When you leave your home, lock all doors and windows. Demand that your roommate does the same. 
  • Observe all dorm and building safety instructions. 
  • You should notify campus protection of any odd or suspicious people or activity. 
  • Never invite strangers inside. 
  • Even in public areas, don’t leave personal belongings unattended. 
  • Don’t let your social media peers and followers know if you’re leaving your dorm room. 

As a result, preserving personal belongings is something every college student should be worried about. It could cost thousands of dollars to compensate for anything they own, including electronics, books, furniture, clothing, and jewelry. Students with valuable belongings should consider adding a floater to their insurance company in Arbor Forest to protect them. 

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